Protect Your Floors During Your Move

August 8, 2009

This is the third in a series of blogs on how to move yourself.  Prior blogs covered protecting your furniture, doors, doorways, and stairs.  This post will cover protecting your floors.

As you move out of one home and into another, you will need protection on your floors in both places.  No matter how careful you are, there is always the chance for scratches.  With everything else you have to deal with when moving, redoing or repairing flooring is not something to add to the list!  Do be sure to put doormats out at each exterior door, and be careful to wipe your feet before entering the house each time.  This will help minimize tracking in dirt, mud, gravel, and anything else that might damage your floors.

Sandhill Quilting offers you a variety of choices for floor protection. Which ones you will want to use depend largely on what type of flooring you are protecting.

We have three options for carpeted floors.  The first option is to use Natural Canvas Floor Runners.  These are made of 16 oz. cotton duck, and are 29″ wide.  They come in your choice of 15′ or 20′ lengths.  They can be ordered from

The second option is to use disposable carpet protector.  This is a heavy duty clear plastic that adheres temporarily to the carpet, protecting it from dust, dirt, paint, and mud.  It is designed to be put down, used for one day, and then disposed of.  It comes in a roll that is 24″ wide and 200′ long.  It can be ordered at

The final option is to use Protecta floor covering.  Protecta is made in the USA, and replaces masonite for protecting floors.  It is available in rolls that are 25′ long, and in either 28″ or 45″ widths.  This is a heavy item!  It is extremely sturdy, and is reusable.  It is available at

The Protecta is also useful for protecting hardwood, marble, or tile floors.  It is very firm, and has a cushioned backing.  Another option for hardwood, marble and tile floors is our Blue Neoprene Floor Runner.  This has a blue knit top and a non-skid rubber bottom, that protects both the floors and you!  It is washable and reusable.  It comes in a 27″ width, and we cut it to order any length you want.  This is available at

Blue Neoprene Floor Runner

Blue Neoprene Floor Runner

We also offer the Protecta Appliance Pad to protect your floor as you move appliances in and out.  This works with washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, and dishwashers.  It is very easy to use, and is completely reusable.  It is available at

I hope these tips have been helpful.  We offer a full line of products for moving and storing household and business goods at our website, Please feel free to call us at 1-800-228-1962 to discuss your moving options, or e-mail me at


Protecting Your Home During Your Move

July 26, 2009

This is the second in a series on Do-It-Yourself moves.  Again, we really do recommend using a professional mover if you can afford it.  They are trained in how to protect both your belongings and your homes.  If you can’t afford that in today’s economy, this series will help your Do-It-Yourself move go as smoothly as possible.

In the last blog post I talked about preparing for your move, and ways to protect and move your furniture.  In this post I’ll discuss ways to protect the doors and doorways of both the home you are moving out of, and the home you are moving into.  You don’t want to damage either your home or your furniture during your move!

First measure all of your large pieces of furniture – your beds, your large tables, sofas, china cabinets, etc.  Next measure the doors, halls, and stairs into and inside of your new home.  Make sure everything really will be able to get into your new home – there is no point in moving something that won’t fit!  Next measure the door jambs of both your old and new home; your stairs if you have any; and count the number of doors you will be moving furniture through.

No matter how careful you are, there is always the possibility that you will bang a piece of furniture into a door, a door jamb, or a stair railing.  By properly covering those areas, you can protect both the home and the furniture from damage.

Doors can be protected by completely removing the door, or by purchasing one of several door protectors.  Sandhill Quilting Company manufactures door protectors, and sells additional door protection products, all made in the USA.  Our quilted door protector can be found at This is designed with a pocket top which fits over your door, and velcro straps to hold the quilted pad securely to your door.  Another option is the Protecta Doorway Saver –  This is a non-marring solid product that provides excellent protection to both doors and furniture.  Both of these are reusable, so you can use them moving out and then again moving back in.

Front view of Quilted Door Cover

Front view of Quilted Door Cover

You can order protective covers for each door you will be moving through, or just a few, and keep moving them from door to door as you go.

In addition to protecting your doors, you will want to protect your door jambs.  You don’t want damage to the door jamb molding, or to your furniture.  Sandhill Quilting offers several ways to protect your door jambs.  Our Quilted Door Jamb Protectors are 72″ x 24″, and have three well-covered metal springs to hold them on your door jamb.  They will fit almost any door jamb size, and are reusable.  They are available at  We also carry two different Protecta Door Jamb Protectors.  One fits the standard 2 x 4 door jamb, and one fits the larger 2 x 6 door jamb.  They come in a sturdy box for storage and easy transport.  These are available at

If either the home you are moving out of or the one you are moving into has stairs, you will want to cover the stair railings to protect both the railing and your furniture.  At we offer a variety of products you can choose from to protect your stair railings.  If you have railings attached to the wall, the smaller quilted rail covers are perfect, and come in a range of lengths.  If you have railings on the outside of the stairs you are better off using furniture pads held in place with our special Webbing Door Jamb Ring, or with the Stair Rail Cover with Skirt.

Using door protectors, door jamb protectors and stair rail covers will help minimize the chance of damage to your furniture and your homes.

Please feel free to call us a 1-800-228-1962; check out our website at, or e-mail me at  We are always happy to answer questions and help you select the best products for your needs and budget.

So You Need to Move Yourself – Furniture

July 22, 2009

In today’s economy, price has become the determining factor in almost everything.  One result is that more and more Americans are being forced to move themselves.  While a Do-It-Yourself move is cheap, most people do not have the training to insure that their shipment receives professional packaging and damage protection.  All the problems that used to be handled by a professionally trained mover are now the individual consumer’s problem.  When you arrive at your new home and unpack that damaged family heirloom, it will make that cheap do-it-yourself delivery price seem very high!

If you genuinely can’t afford a professional mover, here are some tips and products that will help you to manage your do-it-yourself move better.  In this series of blogs I’ll cover some products that you may find helpful,  some things to be sure to consider, and some ways to simplify the moving process.

The first thing to do is to go on and get rid of anything you don’t really need to take with you to your new home.  Throw out things that are broken or so old no one will want them.  Things that are genuinely still usable can be donated to a charity, such as Habitat for Humanity ReStore, the Salvation Army, Goodwill, or your local thrift shop.  Do make sure that anything you donate is clean and usable, and keep a record of it for your taxes.

Now that you are down to what you really need to move, walk through your home, and list your large pieces of furniture, and get an idea of how much space you will need for clothes, bedding, china, pots and pans, and whatever else you will want to move.  Once you have a good idea of how much you will be moving, you can start deciding how to protect and package those things.

Furniture can be protected in several ways.  If you go to you will be able to click on a range of fitted furniture covers.  They are designed for sofas, refrigerators, washers and dryers, TV’s including Big Screen TV’s, chairs – both upholstered and plain, ranges, and include specially fitted covers for your dining room table leaves.  Fitted covers are the best way to protect your furniture from the possible scratches and dings of moving.

If your budget won’t run to fitted covers, you can also use regular moving pads to protect your furniture.  You can check out some options at for our top of the line USA-made pads; at for our mid-priced and All Weather USA-mad pads; at for our least expensive USA-made pads; and at for our imported pads.  You will need either mover’s rubber bands or shrink wrap to secure the pads around your furniture.  Using tape on pads is quite likely to tear the pad.  Mover’s rubber bands are available at .  Stretch wrap and an assortment of packaging supplies are available at

In addition, we manufacture custom fitted covers for anything you need to move.  We will be happy to provide a quote if you are interested in this option.  This is a great option for heirloom and expensive furniture of unusual size or shape.

In addition to protecting your furniture, you need to think about how to physically move your furniture.  Make sure you have measured both your furniture and the entrances, doorways, and hallways of your new home to be sure everything will fit.  There is no need to move something that is too large to get into your new home!  If you will be moving a lot of heavy items, you may want to invest in a hand truck.  Sandhill Quilting offers a range of hand trucks at  They are available in a range of prices and weight capacities.  We also offer stair-climbing hand trucks at  These are definitely expensive, but fabulous if you have a lot of heavy items to get up multiple sets of stairs!  They are real back savers.

Some less expensive options for moving your furniture include the Forearm Forklift, which allows a pair of people to carry much more weight than they would otherwise be able to carry.

Forearm Forklift - allows you carry heavy weights

Forearm Forklift - allows you carry heavy weights

Some other items you might find helpful include Furniture Skates, which are great on carpet.  You slip them under the legs of the piece of furniture, and they allow you to slide the furniture rather than lifting it.

We also carry the EZ Sling Mattress Carrier, which allows you to carry even over-sized pillow top mattresses, as well as box springs.

Both of these are available at

Sandhill Quilting is a family owned and operated corporation.  Our town is just like a lot of small towns in the USA.  Most of the blue collar manufacturing plants have closed or moved to Mexico.  Sandhill has continued to survive by educating our customers about their choices, providing consistent quality, producing custom products and providing dependable service.  These services have kept our customers coming back and opened new markets for our products.

Please feel free to call us a 1-800-228-1962; check out our website at, or e-mail me at  We are always happy to answer questions and help you select the best products for your needs and budget.

Moving Kit for the Do-It-Yourself Move

June 27, 2009

With 46 years experience manufacturing USA quilted pads and moving supplies, Sandhill Quilting is proud to announce a new material handling moving kit. Our kit is designed and packaged for the individual wanting to move themselves.

Each kit is composed of commercial grade moving pads and equipment. The items were selected based on ease of use and overall quality. Each kit is contained in a (20” x 20” x 20”) standard 200 wt. cardboard box. The kit’s combined total weight is 22 lb.

Sandhill Quilting Company Moving Kit includes pads, gloves, a Forearm Forklift, a utility strap, rubber bands and furniture skates.

Sandhill Quilting Company Moving Kit includes pads, gloves, a Forearm Forklift, a utility strap, rubber bands and furniture skates.

Each kit item was selected as the most reliable to perform a specific function to make the move easier and safer. The USA #401 All Weather Utility Pad was selected for its excellent cushioning without the normal moving blanket weight. After the move, the #401 pad makes a great recreation pad (beach, picnic, camping…). The Forearm Forklift was chosen to replace bulky and heavy appliance trucks and dollies because of its proven success in safely lifting heavy furniture and appliances. Furniture skates were included to help move the furniture on carpet during loading and unloading and reduce lifting. These furniture skates will also be great for re-arranging each carpeted room. A heavy-duty utility strap with vinyl S hooks and tension ties were selected to secure the load in shipment. After the move, the strap and tension ties can be used on utility trailers, hunting stands, ATV, camping and garage jobs. Work gloves are included to protect the mover’s hands and provide additional traction gripping. The gloves would also make great garden gloves. No tape was included because Sandhill strongly recommends using rubber bands to hold the furniture in place.

For additional product information and current pricing, please call 1-800-228-1962 or e-mail

This kit is also available at a wholesale price for retail sales into the self-storage, rental, modular container industries and other retail locations.  For wholesale information please call 1-800-228-1962, or e-mail

Additional products for moving and material handling are available from our website,

A Bit About the Types of Pads We Offer – or how to choose what you need!

June 22, 2009

It is important when choosing a moving pad to select one that is appropriate for your needs.  Moving pads come in a wide range of qualities, sizes, weights, and place of manufacture.  Be aware that imported pads are not the same as domestically manufactured pads.  Balance your need for the best price with your need for quality.

Sandhill grew into America’s largest moving pad manufacturer by emphasizing quality and meeting our customer’s needs.  What are the pads going to be protecting? How long do you plan on keeping your pads? What is your budget? When you give us this information we can direct you to the best pads for your needs.

In selecting the best moving pad for your specific task, you must be aware of three different quality features: the pad cloth, the pad filler and the quilting procedure.  Each of these comes in a variety of quality levels, and these affect both the pad’s performance and its life.

We offer three main lines of American-made pads.  Our best pads offer maximum perfomance, appearance and durability. Sandhill offers three types of premium pads and custom fitted covers. These pads are used by national van lines, high-end retail furniture delivery services, museums , electronic firms, etc. Our mid-quality pads offer a decent appearance at a more economical price.    Customers who tend to want this level of pads include local movers, appliance stores and retail furniture stores. If price is your main consideration, you have four choices. This market is composed of warehouse storage, rental companies, etc.

Sandhill also offers specialty pads made in the USA. Our All Weather Utility Pad is purchased for its mildew proof and non flammable properties. The customers vary from national van lines, box suppliers, national rental companies, major price clubs, special products and high value products carriers.

When imported pads came on the market, Sandhill decided to keep our brand name pads.  The time and effort we have spent developing our quality standards ensures that these pads exceed anything available in imported pads.  Yet imported pads do offer a low priced alternative.  Our first goal was to find a Chinese manufacturer that understood Sandhill quality. Our first supplier understood marketing but not guaranteed standards. It took us three years to find a manufacturer that thought like Sandhill. Our second goal was to sell the best imported pads possible. Sandhill submitted a sample of all our USA pads to our Chinese manufacturer and ask them to produce pads of similar quality. Sandhill choose three grades to guarantee: Supreme, Premium and Warehouse pads. Our third and hardest goal has been to educate our customers on the pros and cons of buying imported pads. Just like USA pads, imported pad quality is determined by the pad cloth, filler and quilting. To the average buyer USA and Imported pads look similar. Getting our customers to comprehend that imported pad standards will considerably lessen the pad life is an ongoing process. For example an Imported Superior Pad will last 3 to 5 years while Sandhill’s USA Superior Pad will last 7 to 10 years. Consequently imported pads have to be considered annual disposable items instead of capital investment items.

Sandhill products are sold through national accounts, company warehouses, regional distributors and direct sells. The easiest method to inquire about Sandhill products would be to call our toll free number, 1-800-228-1962 and ask for customer service. Customer service can recommend the best products, best distributor and/or closest warehouse. Sandhill’s customers can pick up at any of our company facilities or have their orders shipped directly to them by the cheapest means available. With all direct shipments, our shipping department will request quotes from Volume UPS and three LTL carriers. You are given the choice of the carrier and freight terms (freight collect or prepay & add). Most LTL common carrier orders are shipped in poly bagged with 12 pads per bundle and hydraulically pressed to obtain the cheapest freight rate. These bundles can be shipped loose or palletized depending on your requirements. Sandhill also offers a palletized boxing program with 6 pads per box for either LTL or truckload orders. Most UPS shipments are packaged in boxes and the quantity varies depending on the item.

We are delighted to accept small retail orders also – you can order as few as 3 pads at a time.  Our pads are available from our website, and from our eBay listings, as well as our locations in Wallace, SC; Louisville, KY; and Norcross, GA.

Sandhill Quilting Company – our history

June 14, 2009

Sandhill Quilting Company, Inc. of Wallace, SC dates back to 1962.  George Walters, Sr. owned and operated Cherokee Batting, a major supplier of garnetted cotton batting to the furniture industry in the Carolinas.   Mr. Walters recognized the lack of support to the furniture industry for quilted mover’s pads in the South.  Sandhill Quilting began operation on 2/28/62 and became the first quilted furniture pad production facility for the Carolinas.  Starting in 1973, his son, George Walters, Jr., joined the firm and complimented his father’s goals.

Having begun to supply the furniture industry, Sandhill has had the pleasure of expanding our capacity to include serving the moving, rental and utility industries nationwide.  Starting with manufacturing only quilted furniture pads, Sandhill now manufactures pads, custom fitted transportation covers,  cargo control restraint straps, wood four wheel dollies, piano boards, and wood office moving carts.   To offer our customers one stop shopping, Sandhill also distributes and stocks a complete line of warehouse and van material handling equipment.

Our first plant was in Cheraw, SC and was composed of  one quilting machine, three sewing machines and a total of five employees.  In 1973 Sandhill built a 30,000 sq. ft. new plant in Wallace, SC.  Our Wallace facility has grown to 120,000 sq. ft.  In 1995, Sandhill opened a 7500 sq. ft. retail facility outside of Atlanta.   In 1997, Sandhill opened a 7500 sq. ft. facility in Louisville, KY to service new trailer sales with van equipment.

In 1996, Sandhill Quilting was selected as the exclusive manufacturer by Kimberly-Clark to produce a  revolutionary 100% poly mildew proof, non flammable utility pad.

Our continued growth is directly related to two generations of active management.  Our ability to listen and react to the industry’s changing needs and requirements are the major factors for this continued advancement.

Sandhill Quilting has and is being guided with the main objectives of constantly improving our products, giving more back to our community than we take, and operating our business with a moral heart as well as a capitalist’s mentality.

Sandhill’s main marketing objectives have been to offer quality products, service and competitive pricing.  These goals are being accomplished by a continued management style of requiring quality raw material, stressing continued employee quality control training and manufacturing all key materials used in our products.  Most importantly, Sandhill management listens to our customers, employees and vendors for new perspectives on manufacturing and marketing.  Our new products and constant quality improvements have come from listening.

Sandhill’s social objectives have been to support youth programs for the Wallace community.  We have the pleasure of sponsoring three Girl Scout Troops and three Dixie Youth Teams: Football, Basketball, and Baseball.  Sandhill wants to help provide positive activities for our young adults.

Sandhill’s moral objectives are based on George Walters, Sr.’s favorite poem.  The poem’s major theme is “can a man look at himself in the mirror and like what he sees”.  With this poem in mind, Sandhill has continued our growth by appreciating our customers, employees and vendors.

Incorporating these objectives into our company has enabled Sandhill to become the largest manufacturer of USA moving pads.  With the help and guidance of our customers and vendors, Sandhill will continue to adapt to market conditions and improve our quality and service to the transportation, industrial, rental and specialty industries.

Please visit our website at

We also offer a small range of products through eBay.

Please feel free to contact us at 800-228-1962, or