Sandhill Quilting Company – our history

Sandhill Quilting Company, Inc. of Wallace, SC dates back to 1962.  George Walters, Sr. owned and operated Cherokee Batting, a major supplier of garnetted cotton batting to the furniture industry in the Carolinas.   Mr. Walters recognized the lack of support to the furniture industry for quilted mover’s pads in the South.  Sandhill Quilting began operation on 2/28/62 and became the first quilted furniture pad production facility for the Carolinas.  Starting in 1973, his son, George Walters, Jr., joined the firm and complimented his father’s goals.

Having begun to supply the furniture industry, Sandhill has had the pleasure of expanding our capacity to include serving the moving, rental and utility industries nationwide.  Starting with manufacturing only quilted furniture pads, Sandhill now manufactures pads, custom fitted transportation covers,  cargo control restraint straps, wood four wheel dollies, piano boards, and wood office moving carts.   To offer our customers one stop shopping, Sandhill also distributes and stocks a complete line of warehouse and van material handling equipment.

Our first plant was in Cheraw, SC and was composed of  one quilting machine, three sewing machines and a total of five employees.  In 1973 Sandhill built a 30,000 sq. ft. new plant in Wallace, SC.  Our Wallace facility has grown to 120,000 sq. ft.  In 1995, Sandhill opened a 7500 sq. ft. retail facility outside of Atlanta.   In 1997, Sandhill opened a 7500 sq. ft. facility in Louisville, KY to service new trailer sales with van equipment.

In 1996, Sandhill Quilting was selected as the exclusive manufacturer by Kimberly-Clark to produce a  revolutionary 100% poly mildew proof, non flammable utility pad.

Our continued growth is directly related to two generations of active management.  Our ability to listen and react to the industry’s changing needs and requirements are the major factors for this continued advancement.

Sandhill Quilting has and is being guided with the main objectives of constantly improving our products, giving more back to our community than we take, and operating our business with a moral heart as well as a capitalist’s mentality.

Sandhill’s main marketing objectives have been to offer quality products, service and competitive pricing.  These goals are being accomplished by a continued management style of requiring quality raw material, stressing continued employee quality control training and manufacturing all key materials used in our products.  Most importantly, Sandhill management listens to our customers, employees and vendors for new perspectives on manufacturing and marketing.  Our new products and constant quality improvements have come from listening.

Sandhill’s social objectives have been to support youth programs for the Wallace community.  We have the pleasure of sponsoring three Girl Scout Troops and three Dixie Youth Teams: Football, Basketball, and Baseball.  Sandhill wants to help provide positive activities for our young adults.

Sandhill’s moral objectives are based on George Walters, Sr.’s favorite poem.  The poem’s major theme is “can a man look at himself in the mirror and like what he sees”.  With this poem in mind, Sandhill has continued our growth by appreciating our customers, employees and vendors.

Incorporating these objectives into our company has enabled Sandhill to become the largest manufacturer of USA moving pads.  With the help and guidance of our customers and vendors, Sandhill will continue to adapt to market conditions and improve our quality and service to the transportation, industrial, rental and specialty industries.

Please visit our website at

We also offer a small range of products through eBay.

Please feel free to contact us at 800-228-1962, or


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